Do you give tours of your farm?

We don’t have set tour times or an official tour. However, if you give us a call we will be happy to set up a time where we can walk you around the farm and show you how our animals are cared for.

How much does an average live Scottish Highland animal weigh?

A full-grown female weighs about 1,100 lbs

A full-grown bull weighs about 2,000 lbs

The average animal that we butcher is about 900 lbs.

What is ‘hanging weight’?

‘Hanging weight’ refers to the weight of the animal after the butcher hangs it. It is the animals weight minus the blood, head, hooves, hide, stomach, and intestines. The hanging weight for a whole animal is around 400-425 lbs.

Our bulk meat prices are based off the hanging weight, which means you will take home approx. 70% of this weight in meat. All bones are also available for making soup broth is desired.

What cuts are included when I buy a ¼ animal?

Each animal is custom butchered. When you order a quarter you get to choose which cuts you would like.

You can typically get these cuts: rib-eye steaks, rib roast, chuck roast, arm roast, short ribs, soup bones, ground beef, brisket, or stew meat from a front quarter.

You can typically get these cuts: T-bone, Porterhouse, tenderloin steaks (if T-bone or porterhouse is chosen, there are no tenderloin steaks. If tenderloin steaks are chosen, there are no T-bone or Porterhouse steaks), round steaks, cube steaks, Sirloin tip roast, rump roast, stew meat, soup bones, or ground beef from a hind quarter.

How long do I need to wait to get my meat?

We process an animal about every 2 weeks resulting in minimal wait time. This will depend on other orders that will need to be filled first. Smaller quantities are always available to purchase at the farm.

Where do I pick up my meat?

All meat is purchased and picked up on our farm, even bulk orders, unless prior arrangements are made.

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