Scottish Highland cattle are a perfect fit for the rolling hills and climate changes of Wisconsin. Their thick hide keeps them comfortable through frigid winter temperatures without the need to build up excess body fat. This, combined with their natural slower growth and smaller structure, allows for lightly marbled, low fat, low cholesterol beef.
Scottish Highland’s slower growth and smaller body stature result in a high quality beef with mature flavors that you can’t get from feed-lot beef.
From the very start our Scottish Highland cattle have been 100% grass-fed and remain free of hormones and antibiotics. This gives us a very high quality product that is also safe and healthy.The Scottish Highland breed is exceptionally hardy with a natural and unique ability to convert poor grazing efficiently.
They are remarkable for their longevity, many Scottish Highland cows continue to breed to ages in excess of eighteen years. The mothering instinct is highly developed in the Scottish Highland cow and abandoned calves, from even first-calf heifers, are rare.


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